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The Toronto Star

'We're Calling It - This Year's Hottest Decor Trend'

Interview with Toronto Star - The Kit

“I was crawling all over the floor gluing the huge cut-out flowers down,” recalls Mohar. “I covered the whole piece with see-through Japanese rice paper and then doubled the images to give it depth and a shadow effect. It was an awesome challenge and I’m sure I cried at least once making it,” she says with a laugh. “That’s love.” - read more

Apartment Therapy

The inspiration behind the whole collection, the Forget-Me-Not flower is featured prominently throughout the range, representing devotion and remembrance in the afterlife. - read more

House & Home

“I wanted to create an interior floral collection that would inspire, delight, and bestow an aura of calm, while inviting into the home a current of depth, reflection and growth,” says Loraine. - read more

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